Fashion trends for summer 2016

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Fashion 2016 represents east in the cover of west. The colors and cuts are the best example of this. Also, our fashion shows are held all around the world now, especially in Europe. People all over the world are appreciating pakistani fashion because we are giving tough competition to our rivals.

We are done saying goodbye to winters and finally summer is here again! Ta da! Sun is shining bright and so are colors. As the days are getting longer, women are getting bore so why not some shopping? And of course, every woman wants to look beautiful with the latest trends. Medium shirts and cigarette pants with not much demand of dupatta are high on streets. Women of any age can have chic look by adopting this trend. We cannot deny the fact that after wearing long shirts and palazzo pants for such a long span of time, it's a great feel to have wardrobe filled with short shirts.

Now, lets talk about latest prints and colors.

French and strong bold prints are very much appealing to eyes. Chinese prints are collaborating very well with darker combinations. Also,not to forget that the contrast and combination of darker dupattas having bold prints are going well with lighter tone shirts. It is also seen that many of the renowned brands launched their summer collection with printed lowers. Digital prints are as usual popular since past few years and it is still likely to have in wardrobe of girls. All the Pakistani leading brands are in a tough competition to gain attraction.

Despite the fact that this time prices are way too higher than past years, people are still shopping as much as they can afford fiercely, passionately loving the summer collection. Undoubtedly, summer is the time when most of the people follow the fashion trends. Moreover, thanks to our leading brands that every year they do such mixing and magic with the colors and prints that the very same colors and patterns do not seem dull and repetitive and the effervescence never dies out.

In a nutshell, no matter whatsoever the fashion or trend is, fashion can never beat style. Style comes from within. This is true indeed that the trends and hot in fashion things seem inevitable sometimes, but we should always choose colors and prints that goes well with our body type, complexion and our own taste because as long as one is okay with her own skin and style, its absolutely fine to be a bit revocable when it comes to fashion.

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